A love letter to Rock & Roll

This is my love letter to music and to all the musicians in this deck and beyond. Music has been the most potent connection to the great universal huzzah that I’ve had in my life. It inspires me and keeps me alive just as much as oxygen. I’ve used music and these particular demi-gods of 20th century as a tool of spirit to guide and propel me through life. It gives me great pleasure to create a tool to further connect to the cosmic power of music and I hope that you find as much joy and insights as I have found.

Thank you. 


About Us

Rock & Roll Oracle is brought to you by the letter M for Math and Medium. Math and Medium is a graphic design and branding firm based in New York City. Our mission is to work with clients to develop authentic and exciting branding that comes from their own unique perspective. Working with companies such as UNICEF, Amtrak, Harvard University and The New York Times, our goal is to show folks how critical great branding is, and develop the brand that reflects the soul of their enterprise.


Natalie Mertz is the founder of Math and Medium and is a graphic designer and art director based in New York City for over twelve years. She’s worked for great brand-focused firms such as Bureau Blank, Real Estate Arts, and T Brand Studio. Natalie was schooled by her design heroes at the School of Visual Arts, graduating in 2010.

More importantly, Natalie has been a disciple of popular music and culture her whole damn life. Amateur music historian, professional music enthusiast, Natalie has crossed the streams of her passions for design and boogie-oogie-oogie and gave birth to Rock & Roll Oracle. She lives in Brooklyn NY where she receives regular noise complaints.

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